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Raleigh, NC

slow internet - Raleigh, NC

I have experienced intermittent slow internet service all day. I have gotten multiple server time out messages from various sites. Happening on both my desktop and laptop. I can run speed tests and they look fine. Experienced at home (Roadrunner) and at a coffee house (not sure who their ISP is). Anyone else seeing this ?



Yes, I'm seeing the same issue from my home in Cary (ZIP 27606). Been going on all day and it's a real PITA.


Durham, NC
reply to pitroad01

I've had the same issues in Durham (near 55 and 54).....


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Fuquay - Varina
Slow here as well

Over the last year TW seems to be getting worse rather than better. The reason I'm here on this forum today is to find another option for ISP.

I was looking for an alternative (especially since we are limited to 512K upload and I do a lot of work from home). I gave Clear a shot, and even though I had a "perfect" signal, I was having horrible speed and lag issues (90+ secs for WRAL to load?).

If you find a better alternative for our area...let me know....


Raleigh, NC
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Me too, in Raleigh. Sometimes everything takes 20 or 30 seconds. Other times it's fast as usual.


Morrisville, NC
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I'm in cary/morrisville. Got turbo pay $170 bucks/mnth to TWC crapola. I'm praying that we will get ATT UVERSE.

TV might not be as good but i'm so sick of the 500kbps upload with turbo. Uverse upload is 1.5mbps. 13mbps down is plenty for me.

Only complaint I heard from friend in cary who got uverse was latency about 20ms higher than TWC. Which hopefully might just be his connection.


Durham, NC
reply to pitroad01

Even though my pingtest.net report is good this morning...it's still very slow.

I have RR Premium (Turbo or whatever they're calling it now)...

I'm attaching my signal values, and my speedtest.net and pingtest.net reports.

Downstream Value
Frequency 609000000 Hz
Signal To Noise Ratio 39.3 dB
Power Level -2.5 dBmV

Upstream Value
Channel ID 3
Frequency 33008000 Hz
Power 44.5 dBmV

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Having odd issues in Charlotte too at times for a long time now what is the deal?