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at&t and CR

Let's not forget that this is from a magazine that while they say they are non-biased can be ANYTHING further from the truth. Ever wonder why in so many appliance reviews Kenmore always beats the SAME Whirlpool? Because one of the top people at CR is a former Sears head. Lets also not forget this is a mag that endorses a vehicle brand that has had more safety related recalls, crashes and deaths than ANY other brand...................Toyota. That is NOT an opinion btw its a fact. Look it up. But CR thinks they walk on water. Lets not forget how they trashed Audi for a VERY similar issue than the latest Toyota issue. Did Audi deserve the criticism? You BET. Does Toyota? You BET! Does Toyota get trashed by CR? No!
CR SUCKS and the people are ANYTHING but non-biased.