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St Thomas, VI
reply to Spektor

Re: Is anyone surprised?

said by Spektor :

Here's what you say -- "fine, please remove my bill."

At least AT&T has been helping me with that. They admit my area has "degraded towers" and that numerous people in my area have complained about bad connectivity (for me, it's regularly no access to even voice calls/texts -- and I live in the city yet). So for the past for or five months I have been calling in monthly, explaining the problems and getting the bill removed. It is like pulling teeth, talking to multiple operators, but it's the least they can do considering the fact the system, even for voice calls, has performed so poorly.

It has gotten to the point that I just signed up for US Cellular. They are giving me a TouchPro2 for free and the data plan is only 25 dollars extra + 40 for the plan. If I can make a phone call from here in Chicago without problems, it will be well worth it.

Believe me, I wanted to love AT&T and stay -- but I can no longer deal with this.
US Cellular is based in Chicago. They always have great reception there. Why would you waste your time calling every month about poor reception? Just switch.
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