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Suffern, NY
reply to Turbocpe

Re: Lame AT&T Commercials

said by Turbocpe:

AT&T's latest commercials, which have been in direct response to Verizon's commercials against AT&T, has been weak. The guy "collecting" postcards from places AT&T provides coverage (many cases, just Edge) is boring and just side skirts the issue that AT&T doesn't have the same 3G coverage that Verizon does. Sure, some people with Edge are satisfied, just as some people with 56K dial-up may have been satisfied.
WHAT type of coverage? They do not say in the Ad. They IMPLY that they are talking about 3G coverage but I get the impression they are using VOICE (or as you suggest EDGE) coverage as their measurement tool. At least the Verizon Ads STATE they are talking about 3G coverage (with the mention in the explanation bar on the maps, that EDGE coverage may be available in areas not covered by 3G).