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Honolulu, HI

Bill Bresnan 1933-2009

It is with very heavy hearts and the most profound sadness that we announce that Bresnan founder, chairman and friend, Bill Bresnan passed away Friday November 27, 2009 after a year-long battle with cancer.

He was a very caring and generous person, and we will all miss him very, very much. We vow, upon the memory of him and his expectations of this company, to continue to operate Bresnan Communications with the same integrity and attention to the needs of our customers and employees that he expected.



Displaced Ohioan
Denver, CO
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Billings, MT
reply to squirrel83
I gotta admit, that's one way I'd hate to go.

There's alot that Bresnan has done. I remember back in 2003 when Bresnan took over AT&T Broadband (or was it TCI) in Miles City. It was TV only, and the only option was dialup at the time.

When Bresnan took over, I was thrilled. They FINALLY offered the first Broadband to the town. I immediately signed up when I heard the news and was excited when the tech arrived. Unfortunately, Mid-Rivers took it over a year later and it went downhill and became a bit more expensive.

After going from the Excite@home Network (Cox@Home in San Diego) to Dialup, I was greatful to have Broadband again.
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Grand Junction, CO
reply to squirrel83
There is no doubt Bresnan has taken some of Att&T's forgotten systems and brought them into the new millennium. Unfortunately with Mr. Bresnans passing the "changes" are quick to follow... Although Jeff DeMond (CEO) states they will continue in the philosophy Mr. Bresnan built this company on.... The "changes" however have started... last summer while Mr. Bresnan was under going treatment for cancer...Change #1 the 10% senior citizen discount ENDED... January 1, 2010 Change # 2, Overnight Bresnan removed HDNET and HD Movies Net from your HD line up... A Bresnan C.S.R. explained it was because of their "Sister" company Comcast, apparently Bresnan receives the same programming and costs because they are sleeping in the Comcast bed. Yet an email from Mark Cuban of HDNet explains...

"We lowered the price, offered a great deal, but they chose not to carry us. There are a lot of upset HDNet fans calling them.
Call the GM and let them know what you think !"

No this is just another case of your local cable company of manipulating their subscribers into upgrading to a "premium tier" of HD Programming...