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Houston, TX

death to "uncle twice removed, Bell"!!

Back before SBC became the 'new' at&t ... and even in the first few years of the 'new' at&t ... the Federal Trade Commission, and the Interstate Commerce Commission did studies of national wireless coverage. The results were so one sidedly favouring a single carrier, that the reports have been kept secret. US Taxpayers can't even see what they found!!

Rumour has it, at&t was on top, then... but now we have the 'new' at&t and iPhones.
So ... somehow the 'new' at&t has squandered this in a little under three years? Dog gone! How do you do that? Must be some flippin' pathetic mismanagement running the day to day operations, and managing the company as a whole.

I admit, I'm still very jaded, being a former at&t employee.
They won't get another red cent from me! at&t can eat my shorts!
I'd even hand deliver them to headquarters in Dallas, with some mayonnaise and a clean, wrapped plastic spork!

I think all these years of US customers paying into the USF (Universal Service Fund), we deserve better than the piles of excrement we get! All the carriers suck somehow ... except for Sprint, who blows. Eh ... it's all perspective. One end sucks, the other blows.

Since the Spanish-American War, Americans have paid a tax that goes into the USF ... yet what has it gotten US? I DO NOT support using these funds for other purposes, as the Congress has attempted to do, a handful of times. I think it should go back into our national infrastructure, specifically for telecommunications and public access (schools and libraries).
Perhaps a nice petition?? Oh yeah ... Death to at&t!