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Chicago, IL

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Prepare to see Deep Packet Scanning

If, and I strongly disagree that this acquisition will be allowed, this goes through, who in the world is stupid enough to think that comcast won't begin to monitor ALL the traffic that goes over their network to protect their 'investment'. This is the like letting a toll road owner search your car before they let you get on the road (think MPAA), and letting them charge you MORE if you get to the exit before your 'scheduled time' (caps). How in the world will ANY CUSTOMER (note, I say customer, not consumer), benefit if the gatekeeper that controls the roads also controls what cars are allowed on the road? Comcast is, and SHOULD BE, a dumb pipe provider (I consider cable TV to also be dumb pipe). Letting any one company control both the pipe (road), access (tolls), and content(type of cars), can only end in disaster for everyone who is subject to their rules.
The happiest countries are the most secular. The struggle AGAINST corporations is the struggle FOR humanity!