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Panama City, FL
reply to JasonOD

Re: Goodbye Hulu........

said by JasonOD :

I don't think anyone is complaining. And as a stockholder, I fully expect Comcast to validate spending this kind of money by pulling as much profit out of the NBC holdings as possible. If Comcast can maximize Hulu's profitability using the free/ad driven model, then I'm for it. But Comcast really knows the subscription and pay-per model, and I'd expect that's where they'd want to take Hulu.
GE is kinda laughing since NBC loses money at an alarming rate each year. NBC news loses a ton of cash. It was known GE wanted to sell it since it was a drain on GE.

"This is the nightly news brought to you by the great folks at Comcast. I'm Brian Williams and our Comcastic news begins right now:

A new poll today finds Comcast to be the highest rated by customers. John Roberts reporting:

'Comcast was rated highest in customer satisfaction over everyone including Directv, Dish, FIOS, Cox, and Time Warner...."


Bluffton, SC
GE builds stuff they really should have never gotten in that business. In fact entertainment is still a better operation if run by a strong focused leader/owner. Decision by committee just isn't going to cut it.