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My views are my own.
reply to Big Dawg 23

Re: I don't like it

said by Big Dawg 23:

You missed my point. All the other companies come to an agreement. Comcast does not. They hold the channel so it forces people to there system. So you may want to do research as that information is out there.
I didn't miss the point, as you said.. I gave you one example already... I believe it was WE or Lifetime, one of those two networks.. they did NOT come to an agreement.. Mediacom lost the signal while DirecTV was receiving benefit from the network holding MediaCom customers hostage.. they used a scroll on TV telling MC customers that they were going to loose Lifetime.. that they could call DirecTV for free installation...

Um.. no agreement was made there. MC didn't want such a rise in fees or what ever their dispute was.. the "agreement" they 'settled on" was to accept what the network wanted so they didn't bleed more customers...

So, sorry.. I didn't miss the point.

I've seen, over the years, PLENTY of these so called "coming to agreements" you speak of.. it's gotten worse with competition as they simply play the consumer against each other..

... oh, and how fair is the NFL and DirecTv deal? I RARELY ever hear people bitch about that train-wreck.. there is NO reason why there should be an exclusive deal there.. if people believe it should be, then those who also believe cable can't have exclusive apartment building agreements need to re-think their positions as well..

This kinda stuff happens ALL the time.. its not exclusive to the small examples people are trying to make here..

People need to think long and hard before they, themselves, cherry pick their own fights.

Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA

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said by fiberguy See Profileoh, and how fair is the NFL and DirecTv deal? I RARELY ever hear people bitch about that train-wreck

I am not sure I have seen something SO COMPLAINED about then that deal when it comes to DirecTV, Comcast, or anyone

If you aren't seeing it bitched about, it's because you are either not paying attention or just pretending it doesn't exist

Big Dawg 23

Northfield, MN
reply to fiberguy
There is a lot of complaining over Directv and NFL Sunday Ticket. If a company ponies up the money why does it matter? Business 101... exclusivity gets you the cost you best desire. Saturation will lower your margins. NFL is stupid to move it off of Directv unless they do a dual agreement with another company.

With Directv they are assured of all SD and HD being delivered. That is not going to happen with Cable. Just look at MLBEI or NHLCI. They limit the HD coverage. NFL is all about HD.

My views are my own.
Umm... first off, NFL and DirecTicket is HARDLY complained about here in comparison as everything else.. I'm not stupid - by far.

Second, if a company ponies up the money, why does it matter? AWESOME!! Then BACK THE F' OFF the apartment exclusive contracts then.. becuase Cable ponied up the money and purchased their way into a contract with the building owners by spending thousands upon thousands of money to wire the buildings for an exclusive agreement for X amount of years...

See how this all works??

You guys like to have your cake, and eat it too, when it's convenient for your agenda..

Sorry.. you take it all, or leave it all. THAT is how it works.

You're also saying "that is not going to happen with cable".. well, you should change professions and get your pretty clothes and scarves and crystal ball out and start telling people's futures too.. in other words, you have No idea until and unless it happens.. and saying "they can't do something because they MIGHT do something we don't like (or in your case, what I don't like) isn't an acceptable answer.. so you either set rules NOW or you let the deals happen.. the AMERICAN way is capitalism and this is part of it.. if when something happens and we as people don't like it, we work to change and regulate it.. that's how it works... otherwise, you have communism.. screw that!

You, like everyone else, have to give things a chance to fail on their own first.. otherwise, you get more bailouts and other BS stuff.. THIS is how our country works.. like it or not.. and if you don't.. then leave. Stop pissing all over everything becuase of your own ideals.