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magic Jack not working on Windows 7 ulitimate

I have installed a windows 7 Ultimate in my toshiba laptop and the magic jack is not working, It keep showing the error 9 even if I have upgraded it already to their windows 7 version. Please help me to solve my problem..I really need this magic jack work I renewed for 5 yrs contract, and i cant call my family in US...does Anyone has the same problem like mine

Thanks for the help in advance


said by Chepo :

I have installed a windows 7 Ultimate in my toshiba laptop and the magic jack is not working,
I installed Win 7 Home Premium on my Toshiba a couple weeks ago. MJ worked immediately (in terms of connecting to the MJ server, placing/receiving calls). The only problem I had was with the audio driver for the RealTek audio card. I think a generic driver was installed by 7. I installed drivers found at the Toshiba support site and it worked fine. (Someone here suggested that I download the even more current drivers from RealTek but I didn't try that because everything's working fine now. If you have audio trouble you might want to try that suggestion. If you browse back a couple weeks you'll find the discussion.).

When I upgraded my Toshiba (by doing a fresh install) I noticed that Toshiba has a very detailed list of steps for doing a real (in place) upgrade. You can find it on their support site (alongside driver downloads, etc.). The upgrade document said you're supposed to uninstall various drivers from Vista before doing the upgrade. If you didn't follow those steps precisely, maybe you have a problem.

Like I said, I preferred to do a fresh install. I've never had good luck with in-place upgrades. Toshiba's upgrade document made it sound like I'd have even less luck.

Also, the MJ site has a Win 7 upgrade or "fix". You could try that. I didn't have to use it.

Be aware, if you contact MJ chatty support they may have you do completely unrelated things. When I had my audio problem I contacted them. They do completely retarded things like "allow all cookies" and change my TCP properties to use their DNS servers. You might get lucky and find a chatty support person who knows how to fix your problem. Or, you may end up wasting a lot of time doing unnecessary things (that could wreck your computer.).

If it were me, I'd recommend that you do a fresh install of 7.