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Comcast banned me today 2nd warning 680 GB

Comcast banned me today 2nd warning 680 GB. 250 GB is nothing they need to raise it to 2TB month youtube HD, netflix-, updates Formats, life? Ever hear of a monopoly, the cable provider should not be allowed to sell internet access as they are competeing against each others at the end of the day. Its a conflict of interest, either this or they need to let sites apply for not counting against the BW limit, ie windows updates, security updates? I know this makes up for a very very small ammount of my data useage in a month but I pay almost $80/month for my connection and 250GB/month is stupid, thank god the people living around me are stupid and use WEP on their wi-fi. I hope the government gets involved in a good way at some point but i fear thats asking for to much. Verizon FIOS's can not get to my town (Milton, MA -- Now they have to know who I am how many people in my town can be getting "the call") Ill pump to everyone I know to toss comcast, I am done giving this company my hard owned money. Lets do the math to before I get blased for "excessive use"

TV Shows (Mostly 720p from Itunes) ~500MB/1.2GB lets say 8 shows a week times four weeks and say about 32GB a month right there.

Movies - (Mostly netflix, - some Zune market place, and use some 1080p x264) says 10 movies at 10GB and there we have 100GB+/month so we are at 32GB a month already.

Games - (Xbox - live and or PC games) Once getting all the updates/patches+online play done in a given week I am say that these take up 25GB/week so another 100GB a month. this is my 250GB/month almost.

Music - (Zune pass, I only use itunes for tv shows) Streaming several connections at some times, lets say we get 400/hrs combined monthly useage through out the house, we have three accounts that are used by basically everyone in the house. Right there is about 27GB of download (Stream) a month.

Software updates - ( I actually solved this problem on my network but setting my server to download all the patches and force them out over the network, thus I do not download these patches 10+ times) ~ 5 - 6GB monthly correct? The standard person only updates maybe say Windows, office and maybe some adobe reader. In my case I update Windows 7 (whole house hs already updated) , Windows server 2008 RC2, Office 2007 and Adobe CS 4 as well as my security updates for VS FW (This only accounts for about 30MB a month max right?) At the end of the month this accounts for 25GB of bandwidth.

So before I even start to go looking at websites on a shallow month I am looking at well over 250GB of monthly data use. And if i had my way I would use usenet a lot more and download full bluray sources at 45GB a piece killing my 250GB buffer in hours but this is not a perfect world....

Comcast I am going to get my internet if you like it or not so I recommend you shape up and raise the cap to ATLEAST 1TB because I am in that top 5% of your users and its only a sign of what is to come from the bottom 95%, stop overselling your network if you cannot handel it, or better yet take the money your investing to regulate it and invest it in expending your network, besides cable tv and your ondemand service are going to be online servies within ten years anyways so stop screwing around.