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Atlanta, GA

High latency in Atlanta

I have had pages constantly loading non-stop on clicked links, blank pages on Stop, and generally slow page loads for the past 2 weeks. Some pages never finish loading. I've tried Foxfire, IE and Opera, same trouble. I've disabled all add-ons, unistalled java, and ran Malwarebytes and AVG antivirus scans. It looks like something is going on with the Covad backbone in Atlanta.

DSL Reports Line Quality Test:

First hop ping 100% loss 72 ms you are 72ms to your first hop no known reason

ae-7.ebr3.Atlanta2.Level3.net 15% 51 60 64.89 70.34 78.24

This problem has been reported by many other users but has not been fixed. At first I thought it was a browser problem. What's up?