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Royal Security Svcs.

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[Other] The night before Crush

twas the night before the crush
and all through the house was an eerie hush
all the boxes were installed and ready
and everyone had a remote, even the teddy

all the children were tucked in their bed
with visions of HD programs filling their head
and I and Ma were in front of the tv
wishing we could have 100 channels all in HD

when suddenly there was a whoosh and a clank
and on all of the boxes the displays went blank
they flickered and fluttered and went on and off
then the silence was broken by all sorts of new stuff

our guide was reloaded, and the channels did change
and we suddenly saw numbers in the 1900 range
I cried a tear at first then left out a shout
but all of a sudden the LEDs all went out

I did not dare to think what was the matter
were my dreams of all digital programming about to shatter?
No need to worry no need to fret
the programming had not loaded fully yet

now my tv is happy and I have a cramp in my remote hand
then as I looked out the window I saw a sleigh land
that chubby jolly ole RCN tech sure was a happy sight
as he yelled Merry Crush to all and to all a good night

If you don't know ask. I ask a lot, know a little.

Crunchin' For Cures
Purple Zone

Priceless.. thank you

..and for posterity: »RCN Forum FAQ »The Night Before The Crush