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Saint Louis, MO

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reply to Paranoid

Re: How safe am I

It depends on you point of view. In most normal instances people are just looking for free wifi. Since your password is likely much longer than most, they are less likely to choose you to attack. Now if they want on your particular system(for whatever reason), then you are not very safe.

The easiest thing to do is to get yourself a el cheapo memory stick(usb) with a physical lock write protect(virus spread prevention). Then go to one of the password generation sites and generate the longest password your router will take. Make sure that a significant number of the characters are NOT standard characters (not 0-9, A-Z, and a-z). Save the password to the memory stick and then set the stick so that no one can write to it. The reason for the memory stick is that most people cannot type (correctly) long passwords with non standard characters. You can then move the stick to each computer that needs access, cut and paste the password, and not worry about spreading any viruses that any of the computers may have.

Edit: It is also critical (when using high security passwords) that you change your essid every time you change your password. If not they will just build a rainbow table against your essid(which takes a lot of time), and be able to break each of your new password in minutes.