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Ellicott City, MD
·Verizon FiOS

V. low sync speeds...

Greetings -

My mother just recently got DSL from Cavtel; she'd been a voice customer for 2yr or so. I know that Cavtel advertizes "up to 8Mbit" downstream. I'd read some reviews from some people who have cavtel, and one person who was 8000' from the CO, said he enjoyed just about 8M downstream and 800K upstream.

My speedtests consistantly indicate 640K downstream, and about 190 upstream. I used multiple test sites.

If the modem is configured as a bridge, then it doesn't have a mgmt. IP; how can I look at the DSL modem to look at the s/n ratios, signal stregnth, and sync-speeds?

The modem was manufactured in 11/2009, and it's the small grey model that has a little foot on the side that you can rotate, if you want to stand it on-end. Sorry - I"m at work right not, and I don't have access to the model number - hopefully someone will recognize the modem i'm talking about. I'll post the model number as soon as I get it.

Also, the phone line seems clear to me - no static, no background noise - I wouldn't think that "the line's only capable of 640K.." Also, like the reviewer I read, my mother's also about 8000' from the CO. Any words of wisdom?


Ellicott City, MD
DSL modem is "Zhone" 6381-A4-200-0CL

Salisbury, MD
reply to batsona
If you have a laptop take and plug the modem into the NID outside and see what speeds you get, this will tell you if you have an inside wiring problem.
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