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Fresh Meadows, NY
reply to FastiBook

Re: Giving someone...

Yes what is the point in even having smart phones, if all this is going to cause is grief and aggrivation from exec's because they use more bandwidth?

Computers use bandwidth, and eventually cell phones will be computers(as if they arent now), but will just continue to consume more bandwidth the faster they are made.

Its just life, the faster things get, the more they can take, and the more bandwidth comsuming things will become.

Just like games, they are no longer 1MB, or 400MB, but 3000MB and growing in size.

Videos will be 1080i/p instead of 320x240. And this will also demand more, so on and so forth.

Can someone answer this one question....
what the F***** is going to happen when more of these DROID/iPhones' come out into the market, whats going to happen then?

Screw these lying exec's. They make so much money they could give us the best technology out, but they chose to keep it for themselves, and as company profit so the stupid investors can stay making money/get rich. At the end everything is about two things:
1) Taking money from the middle class
2) Making more money, PERIOD.