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San Luis Obispo, CA

Dear ATT

Streaming Applications
Please see the attached photo. Note that all of these applications are legitimate from the Apple Ap Store(yes, my iPhone IS jail broken/unlocked-using Categories to store all of my streaming applications). All of these use streaming from your "stellar" 3G network. Just to help you out there ATT I have to work to use....maybe 1 gig a month. Wow...cannot believe YOU(ATT) didn't realize that iPhone users would actually USE their phones for what it was intended for. Interesting that I haven't heard anything about Droid bringing down Verizon's network-granted not as many Android phones out there yet.
Fix your network, ATT. Quit whining! Once again, fix your network! Or enjoy your "Blue Christmas". Love that Verizon ad! Love my enV3 too! That phone works! Which is why it's my MAIN phone-actually need to place a phone call once in a while..ya know?!