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Cleveland, OH
reply to karlmarx

Re: Americans have gotten too Greedy

said by karlmarx:

Wow.. umm, I don't really know how to respond.

Of course, if my username was tkjunkmail, it probably wouldn't be sarcasm. But, yes, the original post was SUPPOSED to be a sarcastic remark about how much power the corporations have over use.

And, btw, socialism, as I see it, means universal health care, it means government ownership of the backbone of the internet (BUT NOT THE SERVICES). It means that like electricity and water, every household in American has a RIGHT to a fiber connection. It means that we have GOOD public schools to teach science and math and birth control, with no religious interference. It means separation of church and state. It means the end of tax exempt status for religious organizations. And what it REALLY means, is that we bring manufacturing BACK to the US. It means we severely punish any company that moves jobs offshore. It means we set reasonable limits on executive compensation, and and end to market manipulators. It means big oil can make a profit, but NOT $40 BILLION DOLLARS every quater. I means a progressive tax system, where those who make under 50,000 pay no income taxes. It means a national sales (consumption) tax. It means a return to the 90% top tax tier for those making over 5 million.
I totally agree with everything you said, except for the part about outsourcing. I don`t think you fully understand the necessity and usefulness of outsourcing matured industries to developing countries, in terms of aiding the global economy by increasing global specialization and efficiency.

Outsourcing normally incentivizes a developed country to invent new industries and pool money into advanced collaborative scientific research and development. Think about the manufacturing industries. First came the mechanical revolution in the `60s and `70s, where factories went from predominantly humans using their hands to create things, to humans using machines.

That was outsourced, and `80s ushered in the computer revolution, where many of those machines started to be more efficiently controlled by software.

That techology was eventually outsourced, and manufacturing eventually ushered in robotics.

Why do you think a country like Japan, with practically no natural resources, an ever shrinking population, and constant outsourcing to an extremely close China, doesn`t have an issue with losing jobs overseas? Because they lead in the manufacturing of advanced materials like fiber optics, things that can only be manufactured in a developed economy with the proper infrastructure and human expertise.

Our main problem of the 2000s was that we had no innovation and development of new industries. The Bush administratino eliminated a great deal of government funding and support for research in various fields, and people instead found new jobs in the very low-paying retail sector.

Basically neoconservatives since the `80s have caused the US to fall behind in many research and development areas where it used to lead.