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Cleveland, OH
reply to patcat88

Re: Corporations have no 1st amendment rights

said by patcat88:

said by walterj5:

Corporations are not citizens.
Yes they are.
said by walterj5:

Only a citizen can vote or join the armed forces, etc.
A corporation can be a defense contractor to protect the country.
said by walterj5:

Only citizens died for this country.
Lehman Brothers died for this country.
said by walterj5:

And only citizens give up their children for the defence of corporations as well as the nation.
Corporations give up their sole gain in life, profit, to pay for the defense of this country.
I can`t tell if you`re being sarcastic or not.

Lehman brothers the name died, but the people running the show still got their multimillion dollar bonuses and have since gone on to greener pastures.

Corporations apply for defense contracts because it is a huge boon to their bottom line. If it wasn`t for the incredible profit opportunity, they wouldn`t even bother.

Corporations do not pay for the defense of the country. They do research and development, manufacture goods, and sell those products for the sole purpose of making a profit.