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Homer Glen, IL
reply to Alcohol

Re: Usage billing NOT just because of more revenue

said by Alcohol:

said by sonicmerlin:

Here`s a better idea for AT&T. How about they use those billions and billions of dollars in pure, unadulterated profit to build more towers and expand their coverage area? How about AT&T use some of those billions to draw fiber to the towers? They have the money. They`ve been stockpiling it for years. It`s time to use it.

How about the government or appropriate regulatory agencies make a requirement that AT&T has to provide coverage for an entire state (the *entire state*, every inch of it), if they want to offer service to that state?
Excuse me? You have it all wrong. You're missing the the part about billions of dollars going to executive bonuses
Oh right, thanks for reminding us about CEOs bonuses for running companies into the ground.

To be honest, I almost wish that we didn't outlaw cruel and unusual punishment. I would force that CEO to have electric shock treatments until he had a grasp on reality again.