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Cadillac, MI

ISSUES - ISP or Phone Company

BOTH my parents and my uncle are having this issue. They live about 1.5 miles apart and share the same ISP. Both have a Cisco 804 that (amazingly enough) I set up for them.

Their setups collectively were working perfectly up till a few days ago. They had power issues (parents blinked, uncles was out for a day or two, then uncles was fine and parents was out for a few hours).

They've called the ISP (localnet) and the phone company (AT&T). AT&T has been out to my parent's, at least. They say the line is fine. Localnet says their end is good too.

This is the issue:

whenever we get a phone call, or use the phone, either line, it knocks our internet out. sometimes it comes back on its own, but usually have to reboot either the router or both the computer and the router to get internet back. then it's fine until the next phone call.

So, is that a line/programming issue or an ISP issue?

I have an identical setup (AT&T, localnet, Cisco 804) except I'm an hour away. Different callin number and obviously not on the same circuit or anything.

All I can think to do is have one of them change their setup to dial the same numbers as I do. If it works, it's the ISP, if not, it's the phone company. But that's long distance..........

Any thoughts?


Cadillac, MI
I noticed on my box the other day that my 2 channels had a connection time that was pretty much the same (off by a minute or something). Well, turns out I have the same issue.........

Use the line for voice, and it causes both lines to disconnect.



Cadillac, MI
reply to aeblank
FWIW: Turns out it is the ISP.

I came up with a temporary ISP that I could use. I made 2 configs, one for each that were identical except dialup and login info. I went back and forth and back and localnet had the issue while the other ISP did not.

If the other ISP weren't more than 2x as expensive, I'd just switch.

I contacted Localnet and they said to call (grrr). However, I'm on the road to being fixed for myself and various family.