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Eloy, AZ

Enable NDIS option, yes or no?

When or why or why not use this option


Silver Lake, WI
Don't touch it if everything is working. Toggle the setting if the software can't find a network.

I learned about this shortly after signing up for Cricket. It worked great on my Macbook, but then I had trouble on the road when I installed it on a desktop PC running Windows. I was camping out at a weekend-long flea market and no networks were available for me to connect to. I started up the Mac and everything worked great! I called Cricket Tech Support and they told me to change the NDIS setting (I can't remember if it was on or off). Everything worked great after that!



Englewood, CO
reply to justjeff
NDIS should keep the adapter always on (connected to the internet). When I use the modem on my desktop I enable internet sharing then plug my NIC into my wireless router WAN port. It allows my wii and laptop to have internet connection. superslow but connected.

Slightly Bent
Chattaroy, WA
reply to justjeff
I enabled in on Lenevo ThinkPad when my Internal Wireless cannot pickup an unencrypted network to hop and it stays online but is it still surfing 3G or do you mean that it is slower with NDIS enabled? To tell you the truth I couldn't get this particular laptop to connect with this USB modem at all until changing the setting and it works on all my other PC's and Laptops
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Englewood, CO
When you share the internet connection You want NDIS enabled because they don't connect to the internet unless the PC doing the sharing is connected. NDIS is not slower but sharing the connection is. I just opt for always on over speed. I could just move the usb modem if I need speed.