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Re: [Scam] Ebay Motors Scam

has anyone started a class action lawsuit on this matter...someone has to be held accountable. if so, please let me know...me and my daughter are out of $4000 due to this scam...thank you.


Doctor Olds
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As the post directly before yours clearly states there are "thousands of eastern European criminals involved in the online vehicle scam and fraud", how can you possibly name thousands of criminals in a Class Action? You can't obviously.

You will most likely have to chalk this up to a hard lesson learned as your money is long gone sadly. What did they do that made you trust them and not verify what they were telling you? Was it the price being *MUCH* lower than the vehicle was really worth/should be sold for and you were impatient so you blindly sent the money as a cash transfer like Money Gram or Western Union? Did you not know there was no shipping service for previewing cars? Did you go to fake escrow sites and not find out about their being frauds sites until after you sent your money? I'm very sorry that you were a victim, but you may have made it possible by not fully practicing due diligence.
What’s the point of owning a supercar if you can’t scare yourself stupid from time to time?



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said by Doctor Olds See ProfileI'm very sorry that you were a victim, but you may have made it possible by not fully practicing due diligence.
I think of this EVERY time I see a newspaper article with the stock picture of the sad "victims."

The articles never mention the GREED that led them into the situation in the first place.

So maybe we're not dealing with "victims" in a lot of these cases, but people who got just what they deserved.


Really? I think your comment seems a bit on the cruel side! Quick to assume it was due to greed. NOBODY deserves to be defrauded unless perhaps they've defrauded someone else or are quick to judge others (so, I'd be careful!). In my case, my car got totalled & I was physically injured (not at fault) I knew others whom purchased cars on Ebay and given the situation, it seemed to be the most logical means.