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Need for Speed
Winterville, NC
reply to ARGONAUT

Re: Why fiber?

said by ARGONAUT:

said by gatorkram:

said by ARGONAUT:

Fiber = 7% of homes and no more in the US.

I live in a city and two miles away from me there's no cable because it's too far to justify the cost. How is running fiber justified when cable can't make it there?
Not to go off topic, but there is NO place they can't run phone service, or DSL service, or cable, money being no object, in the US.

The truth is the truth.

ps. I know you guys are getting on google earth right now, trying to find some place you can't.....
Yes, cable could be ran but it isn't because of cost and last time I checked fiber costs a little bit more.
Yeah, I sort of missed the jist of your post...

It would seem like a better investment to run fiber, if nothing is in the ground now though.

Not sure how much TV you could watch over the fiber though, unless the local cable op could push something over that glass to whoever was interested.

My favorite saying... "Don't look at me like I know stuff"
Give me bandwidth or give me death!