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Banks, OR

The U.S. has set some goals

While we're certainly a larger nation with more residents, surely the United States can at least set some goals?
The U.S. set some goals, albeit vague ones, 13 years ago. The 1996 Telecommunications Act stated it was U.S. national policy to make affordable broadband available to all Americans. The law directed the FCC to take immediate action if it determined that timely progress twoard this goal was not taking place.

In response, the FCC adopted a metric that assumed that if one person in a zip code, then everyone else in that zip code was assumed to have broadband. Based on that, the Administration declared victory in 2007, even though tens of millions of Americans still do not have broadband available.


Hazelwood, MO

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Yes, how short is everyone's memory. And this is what all these putz politicians and corporations (one in the same) count on.

You are absolutely correct and it was the telecom companies themselves that set that standard at 40 symmetrical.

So I say since it has been over 10 years that we up that a little to 50 symmetrical to ALL people and places by X. Then start fining them heavily every month they are not done by that time.