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Exeter, NH

ADD Newfoundland DID Challenge

I will pay for Vonage's advertising in two publications I have access to here in Newfoundland IF they offer DID numbers here. If you are with Vonage and are willing to "STRIKE" a deal, then lets have at it. Contact me before the end of the new year if your interested!!!! I will pay for your ad for up to 1 year to help promote the server!!!

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

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I wish you good luck, but it's a tough thing.

In Manitoba, Vonage numbers are only available in Winnipeg.

In PEI, only in Charlottetown.

So it's not as though they cover every market, because they clearly do not.

Vonage is based a few miles from my house. They are a New Jersey company. Why not try to interest one of your good Canadian VoIP providers into serving your province?

Exeter, NH
The issue is they are getting numbers from the old Group Telecom which is owned by Bell Canada, who they get their numbers from. The only problem is of all companies ROGERS scooped up the fibre in Newfoundland so now its sit and wait will Bell aliant become Bell for something to become available to Vonage...

Its opening up though, cause Rogers just installed their own SIP for PRI and DID access to VOIP wholesale clients.


St John'S, NL
reply to jsb825
I am looking at becoming a player in this field. You seem to have an understanding of this from all your post. It seems that rogers is the "BELL" goliath here in NL according to your post but we do no what happened to Bell as it was disbanded in favor of the baby bells in the USA. What do you think is the major stumbling block for a stratup VOIP company here in St. John's. I have lived in the USA and am familiar with VOIP as a friend of mine owns a start up VOIP company in NH. Getting lines ported there is not an issue as nobody technically owns the lines. It taks about 30 days to transfer the lines after you contact the carrier. I am green to it here as i have just moved back and am looking at this as an option here in St. John's to 1) Start a business and 2) save people money. Something St. John's residents/business could use.