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Cleveland, OH
reply to iansltx

Re: I'd go for 30/15

said by iansltx:

50/20 pretty much means that 80% of the population has to be covered by FTTH by 2015. Not gonna happen.

However 30/15 can be done with VDSL2 (Qwest), DOCSIS 3 (any cable company) or really high speed fixed wireless (802.11n or 802.11ac based stuff with a polling layer on top).

Lambaste me for aiming low, but 30/15 would be awesome if it was available everywhere cable covered, or everywhere the telco had a next-gen network. Which is a fair bit more than 80% of people, fortunately.

We should also have a 90% benchmark: by 2015 10/2 should be available to 905 of the population. This can be done by HSPA+, WiMAX, DOCSIS 1.1 cable and even single-line ADSL2+ with Annex M (or line-bonded ADSL2+). May not sound like a huge amount of speed but it's still good.

Oh, and 3/768 should be available to 98% of the population.
Those are some insanely low standards. You do realize bandwidth speeds in backbones increases approximately according to Moore`s Law, right?


Austin, TX
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Absolutely. However I can't pull a backbone to my door for less than $1000 per month. so the point is moot. You set a standard that people can reach so they reach it, pat themselves on the back and work with you. As opposed to saying "1Gbps to teh homez uv ALL!!!1!" and watching as that train gets derailed faster than the wreck of The Old 97.

Our of curiosity, what kind of connection are you sitting on right now? Have you used a connection that's 30/15 or greater? Have you used a connection that's 50/20 or greater? Were you able to tell the difference?

I've used everything from dialup to HSPA to 22/5 and 50/10 Comcast to a 100 Mbps port on my university network...and from what I've seen if you can deliver a solid 3/768 connection you're in one tier of decency, 15/5 is another tier, and 30Mbps or so symmetric is a third tier. I had no idea of what to do with the 50 Mbps connection...only a select few sites supported it other than Usenet (good old Usenet). Yes, the applications will arise to fill the bandwidth demand but by that logic I'd have used my university internet connection in my dorm more than my home Comcast now. That's not what happened.