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ObamaCare Kills Americans
reply to Guspaz

Re: Amazing that Verizon can just get away

While fining Verizon and closely watching their practices may prevent them from doing this in the future, it will do little else.

They have already collected the fees from their customers, so they've already gotten use of millions of dollars for years. This use cannot be undone.

Any fines levied by the government and any settlements from class action lawsuits filed by attorneys will simply be used as justification to raise fees and prices even higher for Verizon's customers-- much like how the credit card companies are screwing customers these days by raising rates up to 30% or more and using the excuse of having to pay federal government bail out loans back. (Bail out loans which, IMHO, shouldn't have been given to them in the first place.)

In the end, the only people who will lose on this will be Verizon's customers-- the ones who were supposed to have been the beneficiaries of additional regulatory action from the government and lawsuits from the lawyers. Ironic, isn't it?
To all liberals: I am NOT one of your parents, so get the heck out of my wallet. It's time for you to grow up and take some personal responsibility for taking care of yourselves, which means not relying on the government to give it all to you.