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Re: Solution

said by NOVA_Guy:

We do not have a free market capitalistic system in place when it comes to cell phone companies. We have an oligopoly.

Free market capitalism requires numerous suppliers offering a homogeneous product for competition. We do not have numerous suppliers in the cell phone marketplace; at most we have 4 major players (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile). We do not have a homogeneous product either. Consider the coverage and network differences between the providers. Also consider the number of people flocking to AT&T for the iPhone, despite AT&T's abysmal network quality. Consider the number of people (myself included) who switched to Verizon for the Droid. Consider the differences between GSM networks and CDMA networks.

Free market capitalism also requires low barriers of entry into the marketplace. Barriers of entry are significant in the wireless market. FCC regulations, costs to build your network (or lease it from others, if the providers will let you do it), costs to build a nationwide network of retail stores, agreements with phone manufacturers, etc. all create significant hurdles when it comes to starting up a wireless company. Also consider the time it would take to enter the marketplace; one cannot start up a wireless provider without months (perhaps years) of planning.

It is not free market capitalism that has "screwed us over", as you've put it. It is the lack of free market capitalism that has, in this case.

I'm sorry I read all of this and your little quoted text in your sig and below your avatar and that is all I had to know how far outside of reality you actually exist. Not to mention that glorious and highly laughable last paragraph. It was pretty devoid of reality in any sense of the word. Please insert another 25 cents and try again.
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