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Verizon fee??

Fire them!! There are other choices. Let them lose couple million customers and see what they do. If you cant deal with them fire them period.


Santa Maria, CA

Verizon Crooks

I've had verizon phone the last two decades, only because there had been no other choice. They routinely add charges to the bill. For example they charged me wiring fees until I finally got them to stop a few months ago. I told them at the beginning to not charge wiring fees, and called them constantly to have the fees removed. But they never did it and kept putting the charges on the bill every month.

They say you can't contact them by mail, in writing, that it won't do any good, the only way to contact them is by phone, and then they do nothing, unless you want to order more service. Over the last two decades they have charged about $3000 in wiring fees based on today's prices. This does not include their other overcharges. I have only local calling, no out of local area calling, no long distance, no 900 calls etc etc. At times the phone bill was up to $100 a month for two phone lines, but only for occasional local calls, at the supposed lowest flat rate.

Finally two months ago the bill was down to $41.xx with one phone line, but this month back up to $49.99. They had added $6.02 for two 900 MCI calls and the bill said to contact MCI, but the number that I called was Verizon. I have never made any 900 calls and had verizon block all non local calls many years ago.

I talked to the rep to have the charges removed, repeated that such calls were never made, and said "you must be getting a lot of complaints on these charges", which was confirmed by the rep. There must be millions of verizon customers being changed $6.02 or whatever, and most of them would just pay the bogus charges, which was confirmed by the rep. The rep credited the charges, made sure the block was in place, and said there would be a credit the next month.

I said, no, there were no calls made, I'll just subtract this amount from the bill. The rep said you can't do that as there would be a late charge! And then I'd have to call again to have the late charge removed, but if I didn't pay it then there'd be another late charge the following month, ad infinitum. So the only way to stop continuous late charges is to pay the charges, for calls that were never made, and that verizon knows were not made.

Any suggestions, comments, alternatives, places to complain etc, much appreciated.