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Got Helix?
Putnam, CT
reply to Rick

Re: D3

said by Rick:

said by ptrowski:

So you are perfectly fine paying more for a modem now than you were before for no apparent reason?
No reason?
C'mon man..educate yourself on this upgrade before spouting off.

Comcast doubled customers speeds for NOTHING from 6 to 12Mb along with this upgrade AND the extra modem cost ALSO now includes a router if you want it.

Sound like it's worth the 2 bucks extra to you now?

In any event..yes..I do own my own modem.
Rick, I think I know enough about their upgrades, thanks.

So, how can the upgrade for from 6 to 12 Mb be "nothing" if they raised the modem rental fees? Maybe for some who own their own modem yes, but if you don't it's not a "free" upgrade. Discounted sure, but not free. What if people such as myself who would not want a router? Can I decline the modem fee? I would imagine not.

So, is it free or does it cost $2?

Also, when one thinks of "couch change" it is spare money you happen to find, not spare money you happen to raise via increased fees.

Upgrades are part of doing business. Upgrade and be competitive, don't upgrade and be beat. Please don't try to pass this off as Comcast doing this out of the kindness of their own hearts.
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Waterbury, CT
It sounds like you're really struggling to justify what was your lack of understanding of what this really all entailed because I find it hard to believe that even you would REALLY believe that 2.00 a month wasn't worth doubling ones speeds AND getting a router.

As for whether you can bypass that fee..you most certainly can.
By buying your own modem.

And, I do think to some extent it was out of the kindness of their hearts. Because for them to upgrade the entire country with this..many places which had NO competitive reasons to do so..
and at what must have cost them a great deal of money..

was certainly being very customer friendly.
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