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In Deo speramus.
Kendall, FL
reply to ptrowski

Re: D3

said by ptrowski:

said by Rob:

said by ptrowski:

So you are perfectly fine paying more for a modem now than you were before for no apparent reason?
There's a reason, you just don't like the reason.
Should I have to like paying more for anything? Not really. So instead of raising prices they raise the price of a fee so the advertised based price is less. Common practice I guess.

When I think of spare change, it is money laying around, not found in customers accounts.
A few things.. first, raising the base price would have affected all their customers; thankfully they didn't do that.

Second, the cost to rent a modem is more than what the initial investment for Comcast. They have to constantly maintain an inventory, acquiring new modems to either replace damaged/broken modems, or in add newer modems with better technology. This isn't free or cheap and you get the advantage of insurance and knowing that you can always turn your modem in for a better one, should you wish.

Third, if you are now paying $5/mo., you are welcome to call Comcast and request a free, leased router, since it is now included with the $5/mo. monthly fee.

Fourth, you can purchase your own modem if you wish. This is why I am glad Comcast didn't raise the base price - it gives those renting a modem the ability to purchase their own and eliminate the modem rental fee.
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