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Verizon Will Most Likely Weasel Their Way Out of This One...

Well I hope they don't, but history tells us they will.

From their paid lobbyists in Washington to the lowest level retail store douche bag foaming at the mouth on the defensive trying to counteract all negative press, they will do all they can to come across as angels.

I simply made a reference to this story at HowardForums and their retail employee brigade pounced on me with comments ranging from "if you don't like it just leave," to "pay for an unlimited smartphone data plan and you won't have this problem." Those idiots even defend the new ETF policy claiming Verizon has the right to rape their own customers.

Big corps like Verizon and AT&T who do shady business need to be capped the same way they cap and throttle our data plans. They shouldn't be allowed to buy more spectrum or acquire any more smaller companies. A simple dose of their own medicine should do the trick.