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Reptiles Are Cuddly And Pretty
Mount Airy, MD
reply to Rob

Re: Hopefully this signals a change

said by Rob:

said by karlmarx:

The roman empire looked a lot like the US today, before it fell.
Not even close.
You don't see the parallels?

By the time the Western Roman Empire began its decline (around 400AD to 476AD), that government was so overburderned by spending obligations that it could not fund the military to the levels needed to sustain the territorial integrity of the Empire. Whole provinces had to be abandoned as a result. Without a strong military, the Empire was able to be easily overrun by foreigners and invaders.

While the USA hasn't gotten to the level of having to give up whole states yet, anyone who looks at the current federal budget can't logically come to any other conclusion other than that it is a comical absurdity in the sheer level of spending madness that continues unabated, and in complete ignorance to the lack of money available to pay for anything. Then there's that problem with securing the borders ...
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