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Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
·Embarq Now Centu..

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Tell me which shell the bean is under?

American Citizens are not getting the message. Which government agencies are looking out for citizens? I do not believe that any are. If we look at most economic issues in the United States we find that the corporatist are in control. The corporatist are simply interfering with fair treatment of these issues. Whether it be Health Care, Broadband Service and other services there is no voice representing American Citizens. Government officials are simply tools of the corporatist. The rural voice telecommunication network was created by telephone cooperatives. Unfortunately whenever an effort is made to provide services through the government or public agencies, big business throws a wrench in the works.

In the areas that the Bell System (Pre. 1982 AT&T) did not want to service, the cooperatives with the cooperation of the US Government, constructed the first rural telephone systems. The only way to provide universal broadband service to American Citizens, would be for the government to create the necessary networks.