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Portsmouth, VA
·Cox HSI
reply to Clever_Proxy

Re: Hooked up my Christmas Present (SB6120)

said by Clever_Proxy:

said by Tordek:

Wonderful thing about channel bonding, is that if a issue occurs on (lets pick on channel 4 still) Channel 4 then the modem can unlock from that channel to prevent you from loosing sync. Remember a modem only needs 1 upstream and 1 downstream to maintain sync, so your currently locked onto 4 channels. So you can afford to have 3 channels go to hell on the system and still have a connection, yes speeds will be implicated if your on a D3 package, but the issue would be resolved as it would be a aparent HE issue.
Now THAT is cool! I didn't know that's how D3 operated. Even though I don't have a D3 package, I wanted a D3 modem because every D3 connection I worked on seemed so reliable. I never knew why, but I think you just answered that question for me. Thanks for the info!
Yeah each channel has to stay withen 2db of the first channel. So if your channel 3/4 went up another db it would probably drop them channels. But as mention by the above poster you would still stay connected, just with less channels.