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Make the outages go away
Great White

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Re: Hooked up my Christmas Present (SB6120)

No problem,

For a d3 modem on a non-d3 tier pack the biggest benefit is redundancy. If all of a sudden the noise on one of the channels bottomed out (SNR Dropped) or any other network snafu's occur your modem would drop that particular channel and run on the remaining ones.

D2 also has the ability to do this, but it means rebooting the modem and scanning for a different channel. Rebooting the modem means loosing sync, so your utorrent, ares, msn, xbox live would all die off while your modem reboots and scans.

D3, what i personally like about it, will simply knock off that channel, and you will not notice any change using the aformentioned systems.

D3 is defintly the new future of broadband coax internet, it offers so much more even for those not taking full advantage of the speed increases.