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San Jose, CA

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I got the call ... 750GB

Well I got a call three months ago. I used 750GB. I watch many HD movies and have been on disability so that's all I really do.

Last two months I'm sure I went over 250gb again. This month of December I'm sure I've gone over again, except, way over. I'm estimating at least a TB. All roommates are on vacation and one of them likes usenet.

I called Comcast support and after being transferred around from department to department I finally got to someone that claimed to make the calls warning of their overuse. I tried to find out what my current usage was this month and if I was in danger of being cancelled. The weird thing is that he couldn't even tell if I had a warning sent before, only a record of their phone calls to us, not even what they were regarding. He had no idea how much had been used that month.

I live with two roommates and have the "Extreme 50" package, 50/10. It's quite easy to break the 250gb limit.

I'm wondering if I do get cancelled, if we can just resign up under someone elses name and get service again? FIOS isn't available here yet.