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[Help] Help A US MARINE

I am having trouble getting the Linksys WRT610N to 'detect' the internet provided by my Telefonica Xavi 7968. How can I achieve this?

I have my Telefonica Xavi 7968 connected which serves as a Modem/Wireless Router and it is providing internet and wireless to all ethernet ports and wireless. I have connected eth0 from the Xavi 7968 to the Linksys WRT610N port. I have then run the setup wizard.

DHCP fails, static doesn't work, PPPoE with the correct password/user fails getting an ip... how do i get this to work?

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Long live the Marines (although squids are better. ) Have you tried hooking the modem directly to the PC? What happens?
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You have to put the Xavi on bridge mode (called "monopuesto") in order for the Xavi to pass everything to the Linksys and let this do NAT and DHCP etc.

Take a look at this (scroll down): Módem Router Inalámbrico 7968r 802.11g

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If your Xavi router did not come with a instalation disc to install the software assistant (Asistente de configuración) you can use the one that is on the page that I just gave you ( Asistente de configuración Amper Xavi 7968r. Versión firmware: 3.01.APT65.7968A)

Hope it helps. Good luck!
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