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Jacksonville, NC
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Re: [ Classes] Druid Thread

Finally got to outlands with my druuuid! Leveling out here in Iraq is proving to be a pain in my arse. I currently have A hunter, priest, warlock, paladin, warrior all lvl 80 but none of them compare to the fun I have with my DrOOOd! Best class in wow imo. The only other class that comes close to the druid in terms of being fun to play is my Warlock. Can't wait to start raiding with me BEAR!

On the note of the 20% Dodge reduction? is this from Patch 3.3 and are they improving Savage Defense to counter the lack of dodge. I really believe they should even the playing field when it comes to mitigation for Bears. granted it should never be as good as the other tanks cause of the stam increase. your thoughts?

lol seems like we are the only droods around here and im not even 80 yet.