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Bad cable box

We have been having problems for the past few weeks with pictures freezing and pixilating and itr has mainly been on one of are TVS and no one has seemed to be able to figure it out scheduling a service tech has been hard do to work schedules, their full schedule and holidays. I finally have a call scheduled for this week but over the weekend I switched the cable box with another and it appears the problem is the box because the problem follows it. My question is we have also had intermittent problems on other tvs and was wondering can one bad box cause problems with other tvs?

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Usually noise / ingress/ low signal is what will cause tiling / freezing. A bad cable box can also cause this on the TV it's connected to. You could take your box into a local service center and swap it out for a new one before your appointment to see if that corrects your issue. Usually a bad box will only effect the TV it's on.

If you are seeing these issues on Analog channels without a box, then there is an issue outside your home, most likely in the head end. Someone will already know about it and be working to correct it. That sort of thing is monitored all the time.
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