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Woodbridge, VA
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Re: [ Classes] Druid Thread

I just made the switch to my Druid (Boomkin), letting my Fury Warrior take a little break. I think when my gear reaches the same level as my warrior, my DPS will far surpass it. It just seems like my DPS is going up faster as my gear gets better. Plus now I have a real AoE DPS opportunity.

Although, as a druid, I find the moments when I rez the healer or another DPSer during a heroic gone awry fill me with a small sense of pride at being able to be a team player in a time of need.

But 10K crits do excite me. Looking forward to 15K+ if possible.


Yeah, was mucking around with a rogue buddy of mine in an ICC25 trash farm. He was ToTT'ing me, for that extra damage. Highest crit I pulled off was 19k. Had trinkets popped, flasked, food buffed, raid buffed, etc. Felt nice. And pulling 10k+ on AoE with just one button, makes it too easy.

Although, my boomkin is only my off-spec and I will probably never have a chance to raid as boomkin. It's still fun to run around as a chicken and be able to pull some good numbers off.