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Huntington Beach, CA


So with all the flash and java heavy advertising on websites these days, plus updates for programs, windows, antivirus software, these thing are counted against the cap. I find that very wrong on many levels, I should not have to deal with advertising and spam if these caps are put in place, say that I get infected with a virus that forces me to format and reload, I only have a copy of windows with SP2, so now I have to download a ton of updates for both windows and any security software I put on, this all counts against the cap, now to compound this, say the cap is 250GB, now not only am I supposed to keep track of how much I use, I can potentially go over the cap just doing routine system maintenance, this problem gets bigger if i have to do this on more then one computer.

My point is, capping just screams of the early 90's bill by the minute model, with all the WIFI things that are coming out, bandwidth usage will continue to go up, not to mention the problem with these ads getting bigger and more intrusive, these are all counted against the cap and I haven't even touched on anything else that can gobble up bandwidth.

West Tenness
I can find plenty of reasons against this but too many flash ads is bullshit. There is not way one could view that many ads that it would make a significant inpact on your cap. Also you can turn flash OFF.