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Steve in EG


Configuring a modem for Frontier DSL in Elk Grove CA

I'm trying to configure a Trendnet router model# TDM-C400
(ADSL/ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Combo Modem) purchased at Fry's Electronics.

Does anyone know what settings to use?

Currently I have tried:
(from the Quick Configuration page)

ATM Interface : 0
Operation Mode : Enabled
Encapsulation : PPPoA LLC
VPI : 0
VCI : 35
Bridge : Disabled
IGMP : Disabled
IP Address : 0 0 0 0
Subnet Mask : 0 0 0 0
Use DHCP : Disable
Default Route : Enabled
Gateway IP Address : 192 168 254 254
___________ PPP ___________
Username : xxxxxxx@frontier.com
Password : xxxxxxxxx
Use DNS : Enable
___________ DNS ___________
Primary DNS Server : 0 0 0 0
Secondary DNS Server : 0 0 0 0

The Gateway IP Address came from one of Frontier's tech guys.

He further guessed at the encapsulation method of 'PPPoA',
but had no idea whether it was 'PPPoA LLC' or 'PPPoA VC-Mux'.

And he thought they didn't use DHCP.

If you are on Frontier High-Speed Internet and live near Elk Grove or Sacramento,
please have a look at modem settings and let me know how they compare.

Thanks - Steve

North Tonawanda, NY
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Isn't the Default Gateway IP Address determined by PPP connectivity? If the address is to log into your modem, that might be what that is for but I think that can be left blank since it is most likely talking about the Frontier edge router gateway address (which is usually a Public IP address, not a private one). Everything else such as the PPPoA and VC settings appear correct to me. I'm not entirely sure as to what that ATM Interface setting is.
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Rochester, NY
reply to Steve in EG
For the ATM interface:
VPI/VCI = 0/35
Encapsulation = PPPoE LLC (PPPoA should work also)
DHCP should be on - you want frontier to assign you a public IP
DHCP will also push the DNS addresses to you as well.