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Re: When was last time your electric meter chkd by gov't?

said by maartena:

said by FFH:

Cable companies are regulated 6 ways from Sunday. By state & local boards and by the FCC.
There may be some regulations on what cable companies can carry as TV networks, and what not.... whether analog signals should be available or not, etc, etc....

But NONE, ZERO of those regulations have anything to do with internet connectivity. (Or phone connectivity for that matter).
Not quite true... it depends on the locale of the system.. some systems do in fact have their phone service controlled by the local authorities.. many don't, but some systems do... Internet, you're mostly right, however, if there is an agreement with the FA upon renewal, then you're take is incorrect.

In other words, nothing is the same everywhere... There was a system in Redwood City CA that almost wasn't able to renew unless they agreed to install internet services.. and prior to renewal, there was none, NOR could they install it, due to the FA.