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Memphis, TN

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Got the call, 750gb last month

I got the call today. Apparently, I used 750gb last month. I gave the abuse rep a piece of my mind. I wasn't rude or ugly, but I took the opportunity to stand on my soapbox and let him know what I thought of their "service". The guy even went as far as lying to me about their business plans. He tried to convince me that the only business plans they offered were T1 lines. I know I used a lot, but I pay for the service. I should be able to use it as I see fit. Why offer a 50mbps connection and then threaten to cut it off when it's used?

Do I have to sign a contract to switch to the business tier? I never could get a straight answer from any of the reps I talked to. One of them mentioned me having to sign an agreement, but didn't say what it was.