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Pleasant Hill, CA
reply to SuperWISP

Re: Karl Bode tries to create FUD

said by SuperWISP:

Your water and electric meters aren't regularly checked for accuracy. Why, then, is Karl demanding more from ISPs? Could it be simply to create FUD and cast aspersions upon them, thereby generating more traffic for his Web site?
All I can say, is if we had more Karl Bode's in this world, with a similar platform to communicate widely, the consumer would be in a lot stronger position.

I really appreciate the hard and often thankless job that Karl and this site does for the broadband community. It is the best consumer-oriented broadband resource that I've found on the Internet so far.

Thank you Karl. This person has the right to disagree (and I think it speaks volumes for a web forum operator who allows differing and opposing views (like you), as they should), but I and I know many others really appreciate all your hard work. Thank you!

The consumer cannot have enough allys with a big voice in the broadband industry, especially in places like the U.S. & Canada. The bright light you shine one these broadband companies keep the worst consumer abuse possibilities in check, if not immediately, eventually. Nothing changes a company's mind quicker than an informed and angry customer base.