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[Help] 2002 GMC License Plate Bulb Replacement

How do you remove the bulb from the License Plate bulb socket? Also, If the bulb is ok...which fuse regulates the license plate blub so I can check if that fuse is bad? I checked my owners manual and of course within the fuse diagram it doesn't indicate which fuse it would be!! Thanks!

usually you push the bulb into the socket and twist one way or the other to release it.


reply to VLR883
That would be the "tailight" fuse.

The bulb does NOT twist, but pulls straight out.

Do you have a trailer connector/tow kit on the vehcle in question ?
I would certainly check any trailer lighting connections first.


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Thanks for the info on how to get the bulbs out! I didn't know if it twisted out or pulled out as you indicated. I'll check to see if I have tail lights if I do then won't be the fuse then! I do have a trailer connecto/tow kit, checking connections, how? FYI I don't have a trailer if that is would be required to check any lighting connections, or are you referring to the fuse for th trailer connections?


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Got the bulbs out! Thanks so much for the info...looks like both filaments are shot so it's the bulbs and I do have tail lights so wasn't the fuse before I went about pulling the bulbs out. Thy were buggers to pull out. As a trick since I certainly didn't want the bulbs crushing and cutting my fingers, I tried using leather gloves but couldn't get a good grip, then I happened to think about the non slip kitchen shelf liners and tore a nice piece and use that to grip the bulb. Worked perfect. Thanks again...off to auto parts store for replacement bulbs!