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Aptos, CA

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Re: Here we go again about bandwidth throttling ...

Ok network professionals. You manage a network that can handle 1Mbit of traffic a second at the gateway.

You have 10 users paying equally for service. They can in total, generate 10mbit of traffic.

99% of the time, their sum total of usage is UNDER 1mbit

1% of the time, it is OVER 1mbit

Now, when it is over, there is no way on earth all the packets can go through, None. Nada. The pipe is limited by hardware.

Now, at this point, some packets will not get through, this is a fact. So, some will wait. You can apply QoS markers to indicate which packets have a lower priority, or you can let the system degrade all connections equally.

As a network engineer, you decide not to punish the 9 users who are using, in total, 10% of the pipe. Instead, you select the 1 user who is using 100% of the pipe, and you make 10% of his packets wait.

This is QoS. Plain and simple.

I am a networking professional and have been for over 20 years
Then surely you know this. Tell me you understand this. I need to hear it.
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