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Boynton Beach, FL

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reply to fuziwuzi

Re: Here we go again about bandwidth throttling ...

said by fuziwuzi:

Now, using your analogy, what if 9 of the customers aren't even using their system, say it is after hours and they've shut down. But the 1 remaining user tries to do a data transfer using the full bandwidth of the system. Under the Comcast method, that user would still be "packet prioritized" and his EFFECTIVE SPEED for that transfer would be attenuated.
Except, as has been pointed out several times by myself and others, that is not how the system works. Even if your traffic has been prioritized as best effort (the lower of the two), if there is available overall bandwidth the effective transfer rate should not change. If you are experiencing real-world transfer issues, you really would be better off creating a thread and providing more details about the actual issue you are experiencing. If the system worked as you described above, this forum would be flooded with complaints.

Packet prioritization does not define arbitrary rates for transfers, it defines or shapes the effect of what happens when a physical or logical limit is reached, such as when the capacity of the DOCSIS channel is reached.